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Archbishop Desmond Tutu a supporter of Read to Feed Programme

Heifer International South Africa is pleased to welcome Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as a supporter of the Read to Feed Programme.

Read to Feed is a reading programme run in schools across South Africa to help raise awareness of around 12 millions food insecure South Africans and to create an opportunity for children to contribute to ending hunger and poverty.

Heifer International South Africa, a non profit organisation has a mission to alleviate poverty and achieve food security for all South Africans. Active in South Africa since 1999, Heifer partners with impoverished rural communities and assists them to become food secure and build small businesses.  With Heifer’s gift of training and livestock, project members become small farmers with a sustainable income and regular access to healthy food.

One of the ways Heifer is trying to achieve its mission, is by running a programme in primary schools called Read to Feed. The programme has gained recognition among teachers and learners. Today, Read to Feed welcomes a new supporter - Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Through Heifer’s Read to Feed programme, children are encouraged to discover the joy of reading and the benefits, both academic and personal, they will enjoy for the rest of their lives, while also being part of the solution to the challenge of hunger and poverty.

And Read to Feed is more than a reading programme, it is an opportunity for children to change the world. Through the programme, children take action to help those less fortunate than themselves by reading. Through small sponsorships per book read, children contribute to Heifer International South Africa’s mission.

The programme has been successful in many schools such as Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia, Scottsville Primary School in Pietermaritzburg, St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls in Kloof, and Bishops Preparatory School in Cape Town to name just a few.

Daniel Stainforth (grade 7) from Crawford Preparatory School said: ‘‘I feel we can afford to help, but others can’t. No one really motivated me before to read books. But in this case, [knowing that I am helping others] has motivated me.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu shared his thoughts on the programme: ‘I strongly support the Read to Feed programme. Join me in helping our children learn, from a young age, both the joy of reading and the great honour of being part of changing the world for the better.’


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